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The Mindset of an Amazing Employee

As soon as I started my new position, I obtained a clear understanding of my employer’s expectations in my position that I was hired for.  You should always have your responsibilities listed in written form, to ensure having accurate records of why you are being paid, what’s expected of you at that point in time, as well as clear compensation related to that point in time.  Compensation/salary is only what your employer thinks you’re worth.  Once you begin working/providing service, this number becomes absolutely negotiable if you consistently deliver a quality work product, and/or are responsible for increasingly more duties.  Some employers, like to make this distinction of defined duties & timeline obscure/foggy and avoid performance evaluations at all costs.  Employers will strive to make sure to get every dollar you’re worth out of you & will happily underpay you if given the opportunity.  And will continue to do so until the employee speaks up and stands up for themselves.  This doesn’t mean being rude, mean, or insubordinate.  It means switching the way you think about your time and efforts, it means switching your perspective from an average employee to the mindset of an amazing employee.


An amazing employee has the right mindset to recognize specific critical moments during interactions with employers where you’re effectively being tested as an employee, and we must respond professionally while valuing our own time & would like to be compensated fairly just as any other business professional expects to be compensated for their services.  If this statement strikes you as “bold”, or “daring”, or just plain “wrong”, then you are in good company with the majority (90%) of employees that have been trained to believe the same thing.  However, that’s exactly what you’re experiencing – a trained belief.  This particular perception/belief of the “employer – employee relationship” has been ingrained in us throughout the education system to “do what you’re told”, “turn in your homework”, and wait for your “grade.”


As I’ve grown throughout my 12 years working as an employee, I’ve learned the reality is that top performing employees that run the day-to-day duties in a business, & help bring in the sales, are just as valuable as the travelling sales rep, but the average company does not share this same view.  Nevertheless, top performing employees value their time & energy spent at work, and demand that their employer values them as well.  A top performing employee will present persuasive arguments & evidence that respectfully request that their compensation increase in conjunction with responsibilities, as well as experience, cost of living increase, and any incidental expenses incurred such as commute must be taken into consideration.  When the time is felt appropriate, and enough successful momentum has built up to the agreed upon review date, the employee should expect the employer to listen respectfully.  Preparation for reviews/evaluations are well under way and in mind starting from the first day of work for an amazing employee.


And at the end of the day, if the requests of the amazing employee are not met or the working conditions are no longer tolerable, an AE should actively seek opportunities elsewhere.  This conclusion of action derives from the original belief that your time and your skillset brought to the table is extremely valuable and should be reciprocated in kind with respectful compensation.  Once you incorporate this mindset into your thinking, you realize that you have options if you play your cards right.  One caveat is that, you must actually be a hard-working, skillful employee that delivers high quality service in the field of your choosing.   You cannot fake being amazing; it is the by-product of strategic thinking, hard-work and effective communication.  The key is to learn what goes through the mind of an amazing employee.  How would they respond?  What would they say?  What would they do?  These are all actions, but actions stem from a mindset that develops expectations.  Do you have the mindset of an amazing employee?  If so, that’s awesome, stick around because we have plenty to discuss.  If not, we can help you develop that mindset here on AmazingEmployee.com and help propel you to your next level in your professional career.

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